From a flat pack to a bespoke kitchen, or just adding the final finishing touches to your existing kitchen.

We provide great quality workmanship, with professional handling and installation to ensure you’re happy with your new or upgraded kitchen. We take away all the rubbish and can help you with organizing all your other trades, there is lots of organizing to do!

Kitchen Renovations Christchurch & Queenstown

At Fitted Joinery Installation, kitchen renovations are our specialty, with our services available in Christchurch, Timaru, Wanaka, Dunedin, Queenstown, and the surrounding areas.

We can help if you are a homeowner and have bought a kitchen, but now need to get it professionally installed. We have the experience that you are looking for, and we will complete the installation to the highest possible standard.

We can install any type of kitchen, too, from affordable and hard-wearing kitchens for your investment property, to a high-end kitchen in your family home.

Also, we’ll make sure the process is as hassle-free as possible. We can’t promise there won’t be a bit of disruption, but we’ll keep it to a minimum. We’ll tidy up when we’ve finished, too.

Get in touch with us at Fitted Joinery today to get a quote.

We also offer our services to kitchen manufacturers. If you are looking for joinery professionals with experience in kitchen installations and renovations, and who operate in the Christchurch, Timaru, Wanaka, Dunedin, and Queenstown areas, we can help. As we are local, we can save you hassle and costs, and we’ll ensure your customer is completely satisfied with the installation work that we complete.

To discuss your requirements, please call us today.

Flat Pack Installation Mid-Canterbury and Timaru

Have you bought flat-pack furniture for your kitchen and now need it built and installed? Wherever you have bought the furniture from, we can help at Fitted Joinery Installation.

We have extensive experience in flat pack installation in the Mid-Canterbury area. Our expertise includes all types of kitchen units, whether you have bought a complete flat packed kitchen, or you are making an addition to your existing kitchen.

When you call us, you can expect reliability, professionalism, and competitive prices. We’ve been installing flat packed furniture for our customers for years, and we have an excellent reputation.

So, don’t do the hard work yourself – and despite what the retailer says, most flat pack furniture, particularly kitchen furniture, is not easy to install. Instead, contact the experts – Fitted Joinery Installation.

Certified Kitchen Renovations Experts in Wanaka & Dunedin

Why should you choose us to install the kitchens you manufacture for your customers? You could send members of your own team, but they will have to travel, whereas we are local. That is expenses you will save right there.

We’ll have everything that we need to complete the work, we’ve got the experience required to do the job to a standard that you expect, and we’ll treat your customer with respect and professionalism.

We believe we can do the installation job at least as good as your own team, but for a lower cost. Plus, not only will it cost you less to hire us because of the lower travel expenses, but you can use the team you were going to send on another job.

Why not give us a call to discuss how we can help with your kitchen installations in Christchurch, Timaru, Wanaka, Dunedin, and Queenstown. We can also provide you with a free, no-obligation quote. Call now.